michelle workman's living room

Designed by Michelle Workman

As one of the nation's most sought-after interior designers, Michelle Workman has designed high-end residential and commercial spaces from West Coast to East Coast, to most recently in the South.

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Michelle'S Design Tips
  • Decorate from the heartPurchase things that you love. They may not match, but somehow there will be cohesion.
  • Layer colors I love to use the same color family in different depths and hues, it gives the eye a great deal of depth, without being busy.
  • Your home and space should reflect your personality as much as possible, colors should speak to your general overall life mood, style and motif should speak to what aesthetic you are drawn to.
  • Use accessories and art to tell your life story I love that I can use Shutterfly to tell the story of my family’s life, trips, beautiful vistas, and fun and happy moments together. They have such a wide array of product that you can use to creatively tell your story.
  • Express yourself artistically whenever and wherever you can in your home, whether it is through, sewing, embroidery, painting, crafting, sculpture, woodworking or photography – bring “you” into your home to make it personal. Shutterfly helps with this – I had several images rolling around in my head for over two years and with Shutterfly I was finally able to express these images through photography.
  • Decorate unexpected or “forgotten” spacesCeilings, doors, floors, interior of cabinets and closets. Paint, wallpaper and small details will help you to create these areas and give your home a finished look, with no detail forgotten.
  • Always buy quality goodsWe live in a “throw-away” society. Think how your great great grandparents lived – they saved up for their furnishings so that what they purchased was of fine enough quality that it would be able to be passed down, creating a legacy for future generations but also practicing “green” before it was hip. Afraid of getting bored with your finely made pieces? You can refurbish or update these items with new finishes or fabrics every ten years, saving money, the environment, and allowing you maximum creativity.
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