olivia palermo's living room

Designed by Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo has gained international recognition as one of fashion’s premier insiders with her work as an actress, model, spokesperson and recently as the executive editor and creative director at OliviaPalermo.com.

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Olivia'S Design Tips
  • Make your home more inviting with floralsAlways try to have a floral arrangement in every space of the home. Use different shape vases to incorporate a variety of flowers with the same color value for added interest and depth.
  • Bring your personality into the home with coffee table booksChoose books that represent your interests, travels and passions. You can even create your own photo books on Shutterfly that incorporate photos from your special events or trips for an added personal touch.
  • Don’t leave any space untouchedDecorate shelves, tables and other surfaces with unique objects that you’ve collected over the years, from travels, flee markets, and more. What is important to remember is, if you like it, it works!
  • Create a photo wall with black and white imagesPrint a variety of shots in different shapes and sizes – family photos, landscape shots, architectural imagery – and frame them with simple, complimentary frames.
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